D and L Meadows

Photo Album of our animals and our place.

On the Lawn

Sometimes the does get a walk on the lawn and sure that is fun for them especially to meet the bucks on the other side of the fence.

Double Rainbow

Rainbows are always beautiful. This is a double rainbow.

Our Ducks

We have a quarter acre pond and we do have ducks.

Betzy in the pasture

Betzy standing pretty in the tall grass.

Any body home?

Knock knock... Anybody home?

Pretty baby goats

Ain't they pretty?

Big Skies over our barn

Beautiful skies over our barn

I am already big stuff

Little buckling thinking that he is already big stuff.

Inside the house is it nice and cozy

When it is cold outside, a place inside the home is always cozy.

Going out to pasture

Going out to pasture

Our Chickens

Our chickens

Posing for the photographer

Posing for the photographer

Winter sun set

Beautiful sunset in the winter.

Dogs, Chickens and goats

Dog, chickens and goats all get along



Those Flowers looks good

Those flowers look good.

Goat Cart

Young goats being trained to pull the cart. The cart is a three wheel cart and very light.

Last update: Saturday, May 06, 2017