D and L Meadows

Photo Album of our animals and our place.

Our baby goats

Our barn

Our barn.

Double Rainbow

Rainbows are always beautiful. This is a double rainbow.

Betzy in the pasture

Betzy standing pretty in the tall grass.

three of our does

Zinnia and her four bucklings.

three of our does

Ysebelle, Morning Glory, and Pure Waters.

Does in front pasture

The does and sheep out in the front pasture after milking.

Big Skies over our barn

Beautiful skies over our barn

Taffy and kids

Taffy and two of her kids a few minutes after birth.

Schwanli, Sunshine and Spice

Front to back: Spice, Sunshine, Schwanli.

Elsie, our Australian Shepherd

Elsie, our Australian Shepherd.

Elsie swimming

Elsie loves to swim.

A silhouette of one of our kids

A silhouette of one of our kids.

Kids in the basement

The kids were in the basement because it was too cold for them to be outside. There was 21 of them, and most of the time they were litter trained.

Kids outside running around

On the warmer days we brought them outside, and they sure had fun running around.

Winter sun set

Beautiful sunset in the winter.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Does in the outer ring pasture

Does out to pasture on a fall day.

2017 kids

2017 kids running around the driveway.

Bottlefeeding Sunshine's kids

Bottle feeding Sunshine's triplets in 2017.

Heidi and Apple Blossom

Heidi and Apple Blossom in 2016.



Molly with a Weaver goat halter. We use these a lot for training.

Steluta jumping

Steluta, one of the doelings from 2018, jumping at nine weeks old.

Vinca jumping

Vinca, one of our Mini Nubians jumping.

Steluta jumping

Steluta sailing over one of the jumps.

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Last update: Saturday, October 03, 2020