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Thinking about getting all the benefits of raw milk? Goats milk is the way to go. Our goats give a higher butterfat which makes for a richer and tastier milk and milk product. M-m-m-m good!! Shares are $25, which is refundable when you withdraw from contract. Then it is $10 per week for care and board for your share of the herd. You then get benefits of milk or milk products of $10 worth per week. If you don't want to drink raw milk, you can pasteurize it your self. Pasteurized goats milk at the store are sold from $16.- and up. You save about $6 per gallon. Any questions or to review the contract, email at info@nigeriandwarfgoats.net

Facts about Goat Milk

Some interesting facts about goat milk and health from the MDGA website:

A Dr. Jensen discovered a common denominator in his 70-year study of people over the age of 100 in 90 countries. It was goat milk.

  Margaret Patton of London died at 137 year old.

  Jonathan Harop walked nine miles a day at the age of 136 and lived to be 138.

  Thomas Parr lived 152 years.

  Peter Czarin form Austria lived to be 184.

All these people lived on goat milk. Goat milk neutralizes acids and toxins. Goat milk is easily digested, making it the perfect food for children, elderly people, those with digestive difficulties, those recuperating from a disease or health conditions, and pet that have been weaned from their mother. Goat milk is high in healing enzymes and has a superior form of calcium than a cow.

The Difference Between Goats Milk and Cows Milk:

Goat milk breaks down in the stomach in 20 minutes; it takes a hour/+ for the stomach to break down cow milk. Goat milk drunk by people who are allergic to cow milk, but it contains lactose, so it may not be for people who are lactose-intolerant. (A side note here---we've had lactose-intolerant people try our goat milk and they were fine with it) The major difference between cow milk and goat milk is that goat milk had smaller fat globules than cow milk, which makes it naturally homogenized and more easily digestible than cow milk. Goat milk also had a higher butterfat content than cow milk. Goat milk is a highly nourishing natural food for people who are allergic to cow milk. Cow milk is mucus forming for many people. Goat milk is not only non-mucus forming, but actually helps to neutralize mucus.

Last update: Saturday, December 22, 2018